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​The BHS Instrumental Music Program uses CUT TIME, a management program for musical ensembles. Ms. Mortensen uses it to manage student information, uniform assignments, inventory and financial records. You will want to check here when you have questions about fees paid or fundraising amounts credited. 

CUT TIME is also the program that Ms. Mortensen and the Band Boosters use to send out emails, it is important that the parent and student contact information is up-to-date. New students are given log-in (see first time help) information when they sign up for a class, so talk to your student about updating and adding your contact information, as well as getting the password for your student's account.

Click on the link above and follow the steps at the bottom of this page to get signed up!

Cuttime: Step 1.png
Cuttime: Step 2.png

Step one-visit

Request to be added to the organization by visiting Click "Student/Parent Sign Up".

Step Two-Register Your Student

Fill out the form for your student by subscribing to Brighton High School and selecting "student/performer". Fill all requested information. DON'T use your csddocs email. 

Cuttime: Step 3.png

STEP Three-Register any adults

Register any parents or adults connected with student by:  subscribing to Brighton High School and selecting "parent/guardian". Fill all requested information. Please enter student name correctly to ensure proper connection

Cuttime: Step 4.png

STEP Four-Setup password from email

Click on the welcome email from cuttime and setup an account for each individual (student and parents) . Click "Create Password" and set your password. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.37.20 PM.png

STEP Four-Update & Explore

Update and explore your cuttime account!

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